Parents/Carer's Terms & Conditions

  • Once registered and a place has been offered, to confirm and accept the space a charge of £100 will be charged. Non payment may result in the offer being withdrawn. This is non refundable and goes towards the set up for funded children and a settling in session. 

  • I consent for my child to attend Bisley Base Ltd. I understand that Bisley Base has policies and procedures (which are available for reference at the club), and that there are expectations and obligations relating both to the Pre School and to myself and my child and agree to abide by them.

  • I understand that Bisley Base Ltd Pre School is legally responsible for him/her.

  • My child will be provided with a snack and drink whilst at the club unless otherwise requested.

  • I will notify Pre School if my child is not attending and I am aware a booked session will be charged sickness or holiday. Bank holidays are charged for if during term time.

  • I will let Pre School know if anyone else is collecting, and understand that my child will not be aloud to leave with an unknown adult.

  • I will book my child into the club on a termly basis as advertised. And will give a terms notice to cancel or change my booking. I agree to a weekly charge will be made to cover consumables and snacks which are not covered in government funding for 3 and 4 year olds.

  • It is my responsibility to keep the pre school manager informed of any alterations to the information regarding my child (e.g. contact details, medical conditions, etc).

  • I accept that my child may take part in messy activities while at Bisley Base Ltd. I understand that I can provide my child with appropriate clothing to accommodate this if I wish.

  • Bisley Base Ltd closes at advertised session times. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, I am going to be late, I will contact the manager/deputy as soon as possible.

  • If I do not collect my child by the agreed time I will pay a charge of £10 per quarter of an hour to cover the costs .

  • If I do not collect my child within an hour, and the club has been unable to reach me or any of my emergency contacts, I understand that Bisley Base Ltd will follow its Uncollected Children Policy and contact Social Care.

  • Whilst Bisley Base Ltd tries to ensure the safety and security of items, I understand that it cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to my child’s property brought in the setting. We strongly advise not to bring in precious items. 

  • If there are any accidents or incidents at Bisley Base Ltd involving my child, I will be informed.

  • If my child has an accident at the club, he/she will be treated by a qualified first aider and I will be informed as soon as possible. If my child needs urgent medical treatment and I am unavailable, a member of staff from Bisley Base Ltd will sign any consent forms necessary for treatment on my behalf, as stated on the club’s Medical Form.

  • Information held by Bisley Base Ltd regarding my child will be treated as confidential. Please refer to our Data Protection Policy However, in certain circumstances, for example if there are child protection concerns, I understand that the club has a legal duty to pass certain information on to other agencies, including Police,Social Care and health care professionals.

I have read and understood the above terms and conditions and I agree to abide by them.