Above parent/guardian is main carer
2nd Parent This information is only required where parents live apart.

Above parent/guardian is main carer
Emergency Contact If we are unable to contact you please give an alternative number and name.


In the event of an emergency where the staff are unable to contact me or the emergency contact, I give my permission for the staff leading the session to act on my behalf and provide any necessary permissions for treatment on my child to a doctor.

We accept most forms of Government funding for 3- and 4-year olds. Funding can be used to cover most of our charges excluding breakfast, lunch clubs and extended care after 2.45pm. We also accept childcare vouchers. If your child is not eligible for Government funding, or if you would like additional sessions, the charges listed below will apply.

Please tick the sessions you would like your child to attend. Please note that if attending morning and afternoon session they must attend the lunch club on that day. We will try to accommodate your preferences subject to vacancies. We will write/email you once Registration Form has been processed to confirm a space or that your child has been added to the waiting list.

Price (£) Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast 7.30am-9.am7.50
Morning 9 am-12 pm18.00
Lunch 12 pm-12.30pm3.50
Afternoon 12.30 pm-2.30 pm12.00
Preschool 2.30 - 3pm3.50
Total per week(£) 



Parents/Carer's Terms & Conditions


Our admissions are based on the date of initial registration and spaces will be allocated once your child has met the age required. Funded spaces start the term after their 3rd birthday. E.g. DOB 22/02/2017 their funded entitlement would be the summer term. Self-funded children can start at any time during a term.


Once you have completed and submitted a registration form accompanied by the signed terms and conditions a fee of £50 must be sent via BACS.

If a space is not available at the time you require them you will be placed on a waiting list, priority will be given to siblings then spaces will be offered in date of registration order.

Sessions and attendance

You must book a minimum of 2 sessions over 2 separate days a week, this is to help with continuity of care and the children will have a settled routine. If booking a morning and afternoon you must include the lunch session which is chargeable. To change the sessions, you have booked you will need to notify the manager to assess availability. Please notify the manager if your child will not be attending for what ever reason. Under no circumstances will a child be allowed to leave the Pre-School with anyone unknown to the staff, unless previously arranged by you. If you make prior arrangements by telephone, the Pre-School will require the name, address and telephone number of the chosen person, as well as proof of identity on their arrival. A password will also be required.

Opening Hours

We will be operating as follows:

  • Monday – Friday Breakfast 8-9 am.
  • Monday – Friday 9 -12 morning session.
  • Monday – Thursday lunch club 12.-12.30.
  • Monday-Thursday afternoon session 12.30-2.30.
  • Late collection

  • Operating over 38 weeks a year term time. We will offer some holiday club for 3 years (not in nappies) and over dates operating 8am-6pm bookable by the hour. See website for details. Pre School is closed on bank holidays.


We accept government funding 15 hours (for 30 hours please check as a minimum number is required) for 3- and 4-year olds. You will need to complete a Declaration form at the beginning of every term stating the hours of attendance failure to do this will mean funding will be with drawn and you will be liable for cost incurred.

Once you have completed and returned your form you will not be able to use those hours anywhere else.

The first term of attendance you are required to complete a Government funding form and we will need to see your child’s birth certificate or passport as proof of identity.


Fees not covered by funding are due in advance every half term and payable by the end of the current half term. Fees are still payable for absence either for sick or holidays taken in term time. Non payment of fees may result in your place being withdraw. Please speak with us if you think that fees will not be paid so arrangements can be made to help.

Late collection

Please inform the Pre-School if you are going to be late. A fee of £10 for every quarter of an hour will be charged and will need to be settled immediately. If after half an hour we have not heard from you and after us trying to contact you or your emergency contact we will implement our ‘uncollected child policy’.

Termination or Cancellation

If you wish to cancel or reduce the sessions booked, 6 weeks’ notice is required in writing or via email. Fees will still apply up to and including the 6-week period.


If your child becomes ill during a session with sickness, temperature, diarrhoea or headache, you will be contacted to collect. If you are not available, please arrange for your emergency contact to collect.

A period of 48 hours is required from the last instance of sickness before the child can come back to preschool. If medication has been prescribed you will need to complete an ‘administer medication form’ before we are able to give any medication.


Bisley Base needs to be informed about any medical and non-medical condition, health problem, allergy or suspected learning difficulty affecting your child. We also need to be informed of any family circumstances or court order that may affect your child whilst in our care. Please ensure that such information is disclosed on your child’s pre-school registration form. In addition, you are required to inform the Pre-School in writing of any changes to the information held by us (e.g. changes to emergency contacts, allergies, medical conditions).


As a last result and after consultation with you, your child may be removed due to disruptive or inappropriate behaviour. Every attempt on both sides must be made for this to be avoided.


Bisley Base accepts no liability for any monetary losses incurred due to a temporary closure. On occasion there may be circumstances beyond our control (for instance weather conditions, flooding, medical emergencies) which means the decision must be taken to close the Pre-School. If the Pre-School is obliged on these occasions to pay the staff, the Pre-School reserves the right to charge for any session which your child would have attended. We cannot be liable for loss or damage of property brought in by the children.

The Agreement

The Registration Form and these Terms and Conditions represent the understanding between Bisley Base Pre-School and the Parent(s)/Guardian(s). The signing of the Terms and Conditions, and the date that written confirmation of your child’s place at Bisley Base Pre-School is issued, gives rise to a legally binding contract on the above terms between yourselves and Bisley Base Pre-School and constitutes commencement of the Agreement. Any breach of the Terms and Conditions will result, if necessary, in your child’s place being withdrawn and possible court action to recoup any money owed to the Pre-School.

I understand the terms and conditions of Bisley Base Pre-School and agree to abide by them. I understand that the Pre-School reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions from time to time and that I will be given reasonable notice of any such amendment.

A printed copy of the registration and terms and conditions will be required for written signature. £50 non refundable deposit sent via BACS sort code 09-01-27 Acc no 90696741

I have read and understood the above terms and conditions and I agree to abide by them


As part of our commitment to ensure the welfare of your child it may be necessary to share information with other agencies.

Payment for the term is due by the last day of the previous term.

Once your registration has been accepted, you will be requested to sign a printed copy of this application

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